An AirPod owner launches covert rescue mission for lost earbud

Airpods IRL
Airpods IRL

AirPods have become the must-have accessory for iPhone users. The little white earbuds magically pair to your smartphone and seamlessly integrate to your ear that you forget you have them on. About the only downside is that they can get lost almost too easily, as one New Yorker found out when her AirPod fell into the abyss of a subway track.

Ashley Mayer took to Twitter to lament her lost AirPod at the bottom of a subway track. As much as she wanted to go down and rescue her little buddy, she did not want to become "the first ever AirPod-related subway death." So she begrudgingly left home and called it a day.

However, the next day she returned and saw that the AirPod was still down there. So, she sprung into action and concocted a plan to save her AirPod. She went to her local convenience store, bought a broom and some duct tape (and romaine lettuce, but that was for dinner), and created a extended arm with a sticky end in hopes her AirPod would stick on and be saved.

And it worked. Her AirPod stuck on and came up all dusty and gross, but it was still alive and well.

Mayer eventually cleaned up the AirPod and put it back on. Luckily, it was working perfectly and she could return to listening to her podcasts. She even took a celibratory selfie to commemorate the occassion. After all, it's not every day you save your AirPod for an unfortunate end.

The moral of the story is to never give up on your AirPods, no matter how dire the situation may be.

Danny Zepeda