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What you need to know

  • AirPods Max will be hard to find until at least April, according to Tim Cook.
  • The CEO noted supply constraints in an interview with Reuters.

Apple reported record-breaking revenue for its first quarter today on the company's Q1 earnings call. The company reached new heights of Q1 revenue of $111.44 billion, a first for the technology giant.

In an interview with Reuters, Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about the company's record-breaking quarter. During the interview, Cook touched on the company's wearables business, which includes the Apple Watch and AirPods lineup.

While Cook touched on the success of AirPods Max, Apple's first over ear headphones in the AirPods lineup, he also said that the company is still struggling to meet consumer demand and that they may be difficult to find through as late as April.

Apple's wearables and accessories segment, which includes the Apple Watch and AirPods product lines, hit $12.97 billion in revenue, versus analyst estimates of $11.96 billion. Apple in December released the AirPods Max, a $550 set of over-ear wireless headphones, with shipment dates stretching months into the future within hours of the product's launch. Cook said short supplies of the AirPods Max could continue into the company's current fiscal second quarter.

Airpods Max ComfortSource: Apple

AirPods Max launched in December and have been sold out almost everywhere since their release, with shipping times as long as three to four months at some retailers.

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They do, from time to time, become available in spurts. Just today, the Space Gray and Silver models popped up with 1-2 business day availability on Amazon, but all other colors are still showing delays until at least March.

The AirPods Max offer Apple's most premium listening experience with their over ear design, noise cancellation, custom drivers, and the magic of the H1 chip.