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Airpods Max On End Hero
Airpods Max On End Hero (Image credit: Joseph Keller / iMore)

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  • Creators have started pushing out their AirPods Max reviews, here's what they had to say.

Several creators have started pushing out their AirPods Max reviews, here's a roundup of the very latest.


Marques Brownlee says that Apple's AirPods Max fall squarely in the category of 'luxury listening' headphones as opposed to a pair of studio headphones you might use for production and referencing. Despite this, he notes that they tick off a very unique set of boxes in the headphone world that make them stand out from the crowd. He also says that they sound "really, really good" and have excellent noise canceling. They are a bit on the heavy side, however, and Brownlee also noted that the smart case they ship with is "pretty dumb".

Dave Lee

Lee says that the AirPods Max are "the best headphones that Apple has ever made", but described the price tag as "pretty fierce."

Max Tech

Max Tech notes that whilst they knew Apple's AirPods Max wouldn't sound bad at $549, they were surprised about how good the separation of music and instruments would be through single drivers and how wide the sound stage would be.

Financial Times

The AirPods Max are startlingly beautiful, engineered to a scintillating standard, a good deal more comfortable than most competitors, and innovative in both practical and geeky ways. The sound is wonderfully loud and beefy, smooth, dignified and deep. My only quibble being that the bass is so massive that it's a bit too much for me. 

Apple released its AirPods Max headphones on December 8, and many are already shipping to customers. Despite many raised eyebrows over the $549 price tag, most stores are showing shipping times of up to three months for the headphones. Unfortunately for some Canadian customers, an ongoing UPS mixup means some customers have had their shipments returned to Apple marked "hazardous materials."

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