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What you need to know

  • AirPods Pro come with a set of small, medium, and large tips in the box.
  • Some people find that none of them really fit properly.
  • Comply makes foam tips for other earbuds and now has a range designed for AirPods Pro.

One benefit of AirPods Pro over standard AirPods is that they fit into your ears better, making them less likely to fall out. But they still don't fit perfectly for everyone despite shipping with three different sizes of tips in the box. Now foam tip company Comply has stepped up to try and fix that by releasing its own tips designed specifically for AirPods Pro.

The new tips are on sale now for $24.99 for three pairs with shipping expected to commence on May 31. Nobody would claim that they're cheap – you can buy two pairs from Apple for just $7.99 – but Comply is one of the best in the game in terms of making earbuds stay in ears. I've already placed my order and I'll be reporting back over on Twitter once they arrive.

Comply foam ear tips installed on AirPods ProSource: Comply

It's not only a case of making AirPods Pro fall out of your ears less, either. The better the fit, the better the sound. A more secure AirPods Pro fit means you'll get a warmer sound with richer bass as well. Maybe check these out if that's important to you even if you feel like your AirPods Pro fit just fine?

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Take AirPods, add active noise cancelation, three sizes of silicone tips, water resistance, and keep the same great convenience and experience, and you have AirPods Pro.

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