AirPods shipping dates in GermanySource: iMore

What you need to know

  • The shipping dates for AirPods Pro are already starting to slip.
  • Orders in the United States won't arrive until early next week.
  • Things are even worse in Germany.

Apple announced AirPods Pro yesterday and those who ordered quicly are already seeing them ship. But if you were on the fence about ordering and decided to wait, you might have to hang tight while your order ships. Some countries are already seeing shipment dates of November 8.

Anyone placing an order in the United States today will have to wait until next week for their orders to arrive – November 5-7 at the time of writing. It's even worse in Germany with the date slipping to as far as November 8.

If you're in France or the UK, the news is better. If you place an order right now it will arrive on October 31, so you can still have your AirPods Pro for the weekend. But be quick, if other countries are any indication that shipping estimate could get further out at any moment.

There has long been a perceived demand for AirPods with noise cancelling technology built in. But you never do know until they're released. It's becoming clear that people want AirPods Pro, but whether they'll be the phenomenon that AirPods are, only time will tell.