With AirPods Pro shipping still at four weeks, here's where you can get them faster

AirPods Pro
AirPods Pro (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Apple's AirPods Pro are still very difficult to get hold of.
  • Shipping directly from Apple will still take a least four weeks.
  • But there are some places you can get them faster, and we've compiled a list for you!

Apple's AirPods Pro continue to be monstrously popular, and right now on Apple's website, shipping times remain at four weeks, meaning you won't get your AirPods Pro until the last week of February! (gross)

With that being said, there are a couple of places where you can get a hold of them a lot faster, and we've compiled a quick list of some of the alternatives, check it out!

Amazon (The cheapest)

As of this morning (January 23), AirPods Pro are back in stock on Amazon, and there's even a $14 dollar discount! Right now, you'll get them on February 7, a fine improvement on the four weeks that Apple is offering. This might not be the fastest way to get them, but $14 is $14.

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

Those looking to snag a set of AirPods Pro have probably had a hard time until recently, especially at any sort of discount. Right now, the noise-cancelling true wireless earbuds drop to a new Amazon low thanks to an extra savings at checkout.

Best Buy (The fastest)

Right now on Best Buy AirPods Pro are in stock. They're full price ($249), however, shipping times are as low as just a couple of days. Currently, free delivery is available, with your AirPods arriving on January 28. There are also some Best Buy stores that have AirPods Pro in stock for you to collect today! If you don't want to leave the house, but can't wait, you can pay $10 for next day delivery!

Costco (If you're a member)

If you've got a Costco membership, then you can pick up a pair of AirPods Pro for $234.99, and get them shipped by Tuesday, January 28. This is as cheap as Amazon is offering them, but also as fast as Best Buy's free delivery option, so it's really the best of both worlds. Shipping and handling are included in that price too. The only downside is you, of course, have to be a Costco member.

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