AirPowerSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • A new leak suggests AirPower might have a smaller sibling.
  • Codename C26 is thought to be assigned to the wireless charger.
  • It will reportedly charge a single device at a time.

We thought we'd seen the back of AirPower rumors last year but here we are, knee-deep in them all over again. We've already been shown a photo of AirPower being tested at the home of an engineer. But now we're being told by someone else that there are actually two different units. And one's smaller than the other.

AirPower as we know it is thought to be called C68 internally, but there's another unit called C26 according to previously reliable leaker @choco_bit on Twitter. And it's a smaller, single-unit affair.

We don't know a great deal about this smaller AirPower unit, assuming it exists at all. But we've heard similar claims of a small wireless charging mat from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, so there might be some smoke to this particular fire.

Apple famously gave up on AirPower after it struggled to contain the amount of heat it generated. Recent reports claim that Apple has worked around that, although we won't be counting any chickens until we see eggs.