Nomad Airtags PouchSource: Evan Blass

What you need to know

  • New accessories designed for Apple's unannounced AirTags have started to leak.

Apple might be getting ready to launch its AirTags item trackers sooner rather than later after leaker Evan Blass shared images of what appears to be Nomad accessories designed for the little pucks.

According to Blass, the images were taken from Nomad's 2021 roadmap. They include a keychain made of leather and a braided lanyard for attaching an AirTag to a pair of glasses.

Nomad Airtags Glasses HolderSource: Evan Blass

Well gauging by luxe accessor maker Nomad, which has AirTags-enabled products on its 2021 roadmap, the small IoT devices will be out this year. Nomad is planning to introduce both a leather keyfob as well as a clever -- if somewhat bulky -- AirTag-powered glasses strap.

Apple had been rumored to have AirTags ready to go already and it was always only a matter of time before they would be released. While that still hasn't happened as yet, the fact accessory makers are getting their ducks in a row might suggest that they know something we don't. After all, iPhone cases often leak in advance of new iPhone announcements, for example.

AirTags have been rumored for longer than I care to remember. Similar to Tile trackers, AirTags will allow users to keep track of anything from their keys to their glasses and everything in between. Using the power of ultra-wideband, AirTags should be able to show people exactly where a lost item is, usually with more accuracy than standard trackers.

At this point, it's almost a given that Apple will release AirTags in 2021. It's just a matter of which month.