All of Apple's big announcements from WWDC 2020!

All of Apple's big announcements from WWDC 2020!
All of Apple's big announcements from WWDC 2020! (Image credit: Apple)

Apple is making some big announcements today during WWDC 2020, focusing primarily on major updates to iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Here are the essential announcements from today's keynote.

iOS 14

iOS 14

Ios 14 Logo (Image credit: Apple)

Apple has officially announced iOS 14, which brings a number of important updates to the core iOS experience. Apple now lets you turn icons into more active widgets on your Home screen. Apple has also introduced the App Library, an automatically-generated view that collects all of your apps in one place.

There are also updates to Siri's UI and capabilities, including support for audio messages and a new translation feature.

iOS 14: Everything you need to know

iPadOS 14

iPadOS 14: Everything you need to know

iPadOS 14: Everything you need to know (Image credit: Apple)

There are a number of updates coming to the iPad experience with iPadOS 14. Like iOS 14, there's a new widgets experience on the iPad. Search has been updated, and now no longer takes up your entire screen. It can also be accessed from anywhere to launch apps, open websites, perform web searches, and more. Major enhancmenets are also coming to Apple Pencil, including handwriting recognition and conversion of handwriting to text.

iPadOS 14: Everything you need to know

macOS Big Sur

Macos Big Sur (Image credit: Apple)

Oh boy. macOS Big Sur features a major overhaul in the design language of macOS, bringing it more in line with iOS and iPadOS. There's a new Notification Center, and Control Center has made its way to the Mac. The new widget system available on mobile devices is coming to the Mac, too.

macOS Big Sur: Everything you need to know

watchOS 7

watchOS 7

watchOS 7 (Image credit: Apple)

watchOS 7 bring some interesting updates to Apple Watch. There's a new way to configure watch faces, and developers can now enable multiple versions of their complications to appear on a single watch face. watchOS 7 will also include sleep tracking and a new feature to help you get to bed called Wind Down.

watchOS 7: Everything you need to know

tvOS 14

With tvOS 14, there are actually a number of Apple TV experience improvements coming this year. Picture-in-picture support is coming to all kinds of content with this update. There will also be support for new Microsoft game controllers, along with multi-user support for Apple Arcade. There's also the ability to share 4K video with friends and family.

tvOS 14: Everything you need to know

The Apple chip transition

Apple Silicon

Apple Silicon (Image credit: Apple)

Apple is bringing its custom chip prowess to the Mac. Sharing a common architecture across all of its devices, Apple believes these new chips will enable incredibly powerful and power-efficient Macs.

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