All the customization options for the Withings Move

The Withings Move has just launched, and it's probably one of the most affordable fitness trackers available with its price tag of only $70. While you can purchase it in five pre-made color combinations, the Withings Move also has a ton of customization options on their website, so you can create a Withings Move suited just for you. Keep in mind that creating a custom Withings Move does mean the price will go up a bit, depending on your personal design.

Pick a color, any color

At the moment, you can purchase the Withings Move on Amazon (opens in new tab) in the following color combos: black/yellow, white/blue, white/coral, black/green, and white/green. However, we did the math, and with nine dials, four cases, 10 activity hand colors, and eight wristband options, the possibilities are pretty much endless! We counted around 360 possible options with just the dials, cases, and hands alone, not even getting into the wristbands.

Honestly, the Withings Move is a pretty great fitness tracker, as we've stated in our review, so having all of these customization options just means more ways to make it yours. We would prefer the Black dial (opens in new tab), which would help brightly colored activity hands (like Mint) stand out better, along with the Night Blue case and wristband. That's just one possible combination that will look classy and be suitable for any situation, but no matter who you are or what you're into, there's sure to be a combination or two for the Withings Move that you'll absolutely love!

Currently, the customization options are only available in Europe, but the US will have the customization options later this year.