Alto's Adventure introduces items to give you an edge on the slopes

The acclaimed endless snowboarding game Alto's Adventure has hit version 1.1, adding the Workshop. The workshop is a new part of the game where you can spend your hard-won coins on items that will give you little boosts as you slide across the snow. You can get items like helmets to protect you from crashes, a horn that causes a llama stampede, and more.

Here are the different items you'll be able to find in the Workshop, which can be found on the game's start screen:

HELMETS: Carved from wood, these helmets will protect you from a single crash per run. They wont help with chasms though!

PICKAXE: A magical pickaxe that saves you from a single chasm crash per run.

LLAMA HORN: A blast from this mighty horn will cause a llama stampede! Once purchased, this item will appear at random on the mountainside.

LLAMA HORN STRENGTH: Increase the strength of the llama horn to cause even bigger stampedes!

WINGSUIT TIMER: Increase the duration of the wingsuit timer to fly even greater distances!

COIN MAGNET & HOVER FEATHER: Upgrade the magnet and feather timers even further than before!

Note that none of these are available as in-app purchases. You can buy them with the game's currency, which can only be obtained by playing the game.

Alto's Adventure has also added six languages: Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Swedish. Additionally, the game has also added support for features like 64-bit processing and Metal rendering.

You can grab Alto's Adventure 1.1 from the App Store right now, and make sure you read our Alto's Adventure gaming guide for all the tips and tricks!