Alto's Adventure is on sale to celebrate the App Store's 10-year anniversary

One of iMore's favorite games is on sale for 60% off in celebration of Apple's App Store turning 10. Alto's Adventure is a beautifully designed side-scrolling endless runner game that lets you snowboard down a never-ending slope, jumping ramps, grinding buntings, and growing the longest scarf in the world.

$1.99 - Download now

Alto's Adventure's creator and the founder of Snowman recently posted a heartwarming memory of learning about the very first iPhone, his leap into mobile game development, and how the App Store has changed the world.

The App Store has changed the world so drastically it's hard to even imagine sometimes. In some ways, the world feels kind of the same as it did 10 years ago. But only for a second. In almost every single way, with almost every single thing we do, the iPhone and the App Store have changed how we live as humans. It's changed how we communicate, how we share, and how we express ourselves artistically. It's changed how we travel, do business, and how we eat. It's made us healthier, wiser, and a little goofier. It truly kickstarted a massive global revolution that, while even 10 years in, feels like just the beginning.

If you haven't downloaded Alto's Adventure yet, get it while it's on sale for 60% off today.

$1.99 - Download now

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