Dark Noise 2 Update on iPhone and iPadSource: Dark Noise

What you need to know

  • Popular ambient sound app Dark Side has had a big update, available now.
  • The app gains new features and improvements to old ones.
  • Big changes include the ability to create your own mixes as well as iCloud syncing for users of multiple devices.

The popular ambient sound app Dark Noise has a big new update out today. It's so big that the changes warrant an update to Dark Noise 2 and there's plenty to enjoy.

Available as a $5.99 download from the App Store, Dark Noise 2 brings new icons, new sounds, and new bug fixes to an app that was already a hit for those who like to listen to ambient sounds while they work, sleep, or just relax. It's also a boon for those with young babies who struggle to sleep – just putting that out there!

Dark Noise 2 is the next major evolution of the best ambient noise app on iOS. Mixing sounds has been the most requested feature since launch and I'm excited to announce it's finally here! A lot of work went in to maintaining the simplicity and tight iOS integration Dark Noise is known for and I'm very proud of the results. Along with iCloud syncing, new sounds, new icons, and loads of bug fixes this is the biggest update to date.

I've been testing Dark Noise 2 for a while now and it's most definitely the best version of a great app. Just watch the promo video and check out this list of changes.

  • Create Mix • Build your own custom mix from any number of sounds. Mix multiple of the same sound for even more variety! Animated icons can be built using the new icon creator or images or animated GIFs can be imported from the Photo Library.
  • iCloud Syncing • Custom mixes and favorites will now sync to all of your devices using iCloud! No need to sign in or configure anything, your data will simply follow you to all of your Apple devices.
  • 8 New Sounds • New sounds have been added to the Dark Noise catalogue and can now be played separate or added to mixes.
  • iPad Pointer Support • Navigate Dark Noise 2 with a trackpad or mouse with full pointer support on the iPad.
  • New Icons • Get your textures on with a new skeuomorphic icon added to the list of custom icons. And the new Launched icon is in honor of the podcast of the same name by Dark Noise developer Charlie Chapman.

The ability to combine multiple sounds into a single, custom mix is something that changed my Dark Noise game and it could low key be the best feature ever added to an ambient sound app. Try it out, I'm sure you'll agree!

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