16-inch MacBook Pro escape keySource: Rene Ritchie / iMore

What you need to know

  • AMD has new drivers out for 16-inch MacBook Pro users.
  • The drivers are for the Radeon Pro 5600M users who also use Boot Camp.
  • You can download the new drivers now.

AMD has released new drivers specifically for the Radeon 5600M inside some 16-inch MacBook Pro notebooks. To be used in Boot Camp when booting into Windows, the new drivers are revision number 19.50 and were first spotted on Reddit by MacRumors.

Boot Camp allows users to install Windows alongside macOS on their Mac but that does mean that they require the likes of AMD to keep on top of driver updates.

Amd Radeon 5600m Drivers PageSource: iMore

The Radeon 5600M upgrade, costing $700, first arrived earlier this month with Apple claiming some impressive speed increases over other GPUs available.

If your 16-inch MacBook Pro has the Radeon 5600M installed, you probably want to take these drivers for a spin sooner rather than later.