Among the Sleep for Nintendo Switch: Everything you need to know

So many survival horror titles put you in the shoes of a teenager scared in the woods, a non-descript protagonist in a haunted house or hospital, or a few other typical scenarios. Not so with Among the Sleep. Here, you play a toddler who appears to be in a typical, if sad, domestic situation. But a combination of unpleasant home life and the imagination and misunderstanding of a toddler's mind turn the world upside down into a nightmare scenario that you must survive, using only the faculties of a small child.

Among the Sleep is now coming to Nintendo Switch in a new, enhanced edition. Here's everything you need to know before picking up the game:

What is Among the Sleep?

Among the Sleep is a survival horror game told from the perspective of a toddler. After receiving a mysterious present of an animate teddy bear, your mother seems to go missing. You'll have to track her down with Teddy's guidance, exploring strange, surreal environments and avoiding shadowy monsters that seem to be after you.

How do you play?

Since you're playing as a toddler, you don't always have a lot of power! But there are still things you can do to solve puzzles and move around your environment. You can crawl (normal speed), walk (slow speed), or run (fastest speed, but you may trip) around your environment, pick up items, and use them. Doors may be closed to you, but you can climb on top of furniture such as chairs to reach handles and open them anyway.

There are creatures that will chase you as you explore, and there's nothing you can do to fight them. If you know they're coming, hide under furniture or behind things until they disappear. If you're caught, you'll reset from the last checkpoint.

Finally, sometimes things will get dark. When this happens, hug your Teddy to emit a special light that will guide you forward.

What's new in the Enhanced Edition?

The Enhanced Edition is essentially the same game as the original release from 2014, but it includes new and improved dialogue, as well as better visuals and performance. A digital art book and soundtrack are integrated into the game itself, and it also includes a special new Museum level that includes concepts cut from the original release.

When can I get it?

Among the Sleep is out now on Nintendo Switch, and costs $30.

Reb Valentine