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What you need to know

  • Wedbush analyst Dan Ives thinks that Apple will announce the iPhone 13 lineup in the third week of September.
  • There seems to be no real reason to think that, though.

Apple will announce the iPhone 13 lineup during the third week of September. That's according to one analyst who stuck their finger in the air just so this past week.

As part of a wider article, Barrons notes that a Wedbush research note has analyst Dan Ives of the opinion that Apple will announce new iPhones in September, as expected. The third week, to be exact.

Why? Nobody knows and even Barrons seems less than convinced.

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives asserted in a research note Monday that an announcement is likely the third week of September. (The company has not actually announced a date, and isn't likely to do so this far in advance.)

Then again, Barrons does also say there's "basically no buzz at all on the iPhone 13" so I'm not sure they've been paying attention.

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Apple tends to announce new iPhones in the second full week of September with the release coming in the third full week, so it's possible either Ives is mistaken, Barrons misread something, or we're all getting mixed up with full and part weeks of September. Either way, Apple will very likely announce something that makes phone calls in September and it may or may not be called iPhone 13.

One thing we do know for certain is that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is still the best iPhone you can buy today. At least for a few more months yet.