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Whilst the thrill of being bolt upright and pinned to a gaming chair in the heat of battle is an urge too much for some to resist, and as a gamer, it's nice just to put your feet up and relax. I've been lucky enough to get my hands on the brand new AndaSeat Luxurious Footrest, a fantastic solution for any gamer (or content enjoyer) who wants to kick back and relax whilst gaming.

If you aren't familiar with AndaSeat, you really should be. Makers of our pick for best gaming chair in 2021, AndaSeat specializes in comfortable yet rugged ergonomic chairs for gaming and office use. I absolutely loved the AndaSeat Dark Demon when I reviewed it last year, and much of what makes the Dark Demon great (easy assembly, build quality, durability) can be found in its Luxurious Footrest.

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If you're looking for a neat, inexpensive, and stylish addition to your setup, then the AndaSeat Luxurious Footrest is definitely something you should take a look at; here's a rundown of everything there is to like (and not like) about it. Check it out!

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AndaSeat Luxurious Footrest Review

Bottom line: A rugged, comfortable footrest to elevate your gaming to new levels of comfort.

The Good

  • Super easy assembly
  • Great build quality and comfort
  • Really does transform your gaming
  • Only $60

The Bad

  • Could be taller
  • Only one color
  • Wheels can't be locked

AndaSeat Luxurious Footrest: Price and availability

Andaseat FootrestSource: iMore / Stephen Warwick

The AndaSeat Luxurious Footrest came out in February and can be found on AndaSeat's website. It isn't currently available from any other sites like Amazon, so AndaSeat is your best bet. Now I'm not the only person who thinks highly of this, so at the time of publication, you'll be buying this for pre-order only, with orders expected to be fulfilled starting in May. As for the price, the AndaSeat Luxurious Footrest is $59.99. From time-to-time, AndaSeat runs promotions on its website, including a 5% off deal you can grab right now just by signing up with your email address.

AndaSeat Luxurious Footrest: What I love

Andaseat FootrestSource: iMore / Stephen Warwick

There's a lot to love about the AndaSeat Luxurious Footrest. As I've already said, I was really impressed by the AndaSeat Dark Demon's build quality, rugged design, and easy assembly. All of which carries over to the footrest. It comes in just three main parts, and there are only four screws you need to apply to get it set up. Screw the frame to the underside of the footrest itself and then insert it into the wheelbase. Pop in the wheels, and you're done. It's really that simple. Putting together an AndaSeat gaming chair is much easier than other chairs I've used, and the Luxurious Footrest is even easier — big points here for ease of assembly.

Putting together an AndaSeat gaming chair is much easier than other chairs I've used, and the Luxurious Footrest is even easier.

When it comes to design and build quality, there's more to like. The Luxurious Footrest is made of sturdy yet comfortable PVC leather and comes with a cool stitched patterned design reminiscent of a racing car seat. The AD+ Mould Foam provides excellent comfort and support for your feet and legs whilst you're reclining, and the aluminum base feels indestructible. This would be a great choice for a household with pets or young children, as I'm certain the Luxurious Footrest could take a bit of a beating if it were asked to.

Beyond design and quality, my favorite aspect of the Footrest is just how useful it is. I play both PC and Xbox games and often find myself waving my legs around underneath my desk, trying to get comfortable whilst I play, propping them up on my subwoofer, sharp wood, or worse, my power cords.

Gaming while reclined is so comfy with proper support like this.

When I first heard about the Luxurious Footrest, I thought it was a bit of a gimmick, but I've been blown away by how much I've used it and how much it has transformed my gaming experience. I've even started playing more Xbox titles just so that I have an excuse to use it. Being comfortable whilst having good posture and support is really important when it comes to gaming, and I've found AndaSeat's footrest has really improved how I feel when I play. By easing lower back tension and helping me relax more, I feel more comfortable than ever before. I can't stress enough how much better gaming in a reclined position is proper support like AndaSeat's footrest provides.

Oh, it's also only $60, an absolute bargain.

AndaSeat Luxurious Footrest: Room for improvement

Andaseat FootrestSource: iMore / Stephen Warwick

Like basically all products, there is room for improvement for the AndaSeat Luxurious Footrest. The footrest is height adjustable thanks to a standard lever underneath the main body; however, I have only really used it at its highest setting. To that end, I would have preferred if there was a little more headroom so it could be set higher.

I really like the Footrest's patterned design, but right now, it's only available in one color. I'm not sure what AndaSeat's plans are, but its various ranges of chairs come in lots of different colorways, so I'm hopeful. I would love to see a few more color options, as the red and black option won't be the first choice for everyone.

The footrest is very easy to move around your setup thanks to its wheels, but these wheels can't be locked, which some users might look for as a feature to secure their footrest whilst they're gaming. Certainly, this is a tradeoff. A more expensive competitor like the Real Leather Footrest from Noble chairs won't move because it doesn't have any wheels, but as a result, it is less easy to move around. A footrest of the future from AndaSeat might well benefit from a tool to lock one or all of its wheels to secure it in place, especially on hard floors with less resistance.

AndaSeat Luxurious Footrest: Competition

Andaseat FootrestSource: iMore / Stephen Warwick

Quite a niché product, there's not much to be found in the way of competition for the AnsdaSeat Luxurious Footrest. One alternative I did find comes from Noble chairs, the aforementioned Real Leather Footrest, which costs more than $230 and is advertised as a premium footrest with stitched leather upholstery. As noted, this doesn't come with wheels and is a lot more expensive.

The other option, of course, is to buy a chair with a built-in footrest, one example being the Respawn 11- Racing Style Gaming Chair, another of our picks for best gaming chair, which features an extendable footrest. Certainly, I would prefer the flexibility of a separate footrest, but this latter option requires less office real estate and is cheaper than a lot of other gaming chairs out there.

AndaSeat Luxurious Footrest: Should you buy it?

Andaseat FootrestSource: iMore / Stephen Warwick

You should buy this if ...

  • You're a console gamer - This is a great option for console gamers who aren't tied down to their setup by a mouse and keyboard and is an awesome way to improve your gaming setup.
  • You're looking to relax and consume some content - Not just for gamers, this is a great office accessory for anyone looking to kick back and relax whilst watching a movie or a stream.
  • You want to improve your posture and comfort - Having a footrest has really helped my own comfort levels whilst I'm gaming, and I highly recommend this to a gamer who wants to take some of the stress off their body whilst playing.

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You're a desktop PC gamer - There's no room for this under your desk if you play PC with a mouse and keyboard.

This is a great addition to the setup of anyone who likes to play games or watch movies whilst reclined but won't be of any use to a PC gamer who sits up at their desk with a mouse and keyboard.

4.5 out of 5

The AndaSeat Luxurious Footrest is a fantastic bit of kit. It's built really well, super comfortable, and is very easy to assemble. I'm overjoyed at the impact it's had on my gaming experience and really recommend it for anyone who likes to play console or for someone who wants to sit back and watch some TV or a movie.

I would love to see some more colors from AndaSeat down the line, and I feel like wheels that don't lock may have been a missed opportunity. This and a fairly low max-height are all that hold it back from a five-star rating.

Anda Seat Product Image

AndaSeat Luxurious Footrest

Bottom line: Take your gaming setup to the next level — your body will thank you.

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