Best wireless mouse for Mac 2024: Go wire-free with these Magic Mouse alternatives

If you're using any kind of computer, you're going to need a mouse — whether that's the trackpad that's attached to your MacBook, a portable folding mouse, or a nice big ergonomic mouse. Finding the best, most comfortable mouse is super important, especially if you're using the mouse every day. An uncomfortable mouse can cause loads of problems with your hands after all.

Having a wireless mouse is an extra massive bonus. By eliminating the wire, you're not just making your desk tidier but also opening the possibility of taking your mouse out and about to use it wherever you want, as well as making it easier to use without a physical tether holding it down.

We've tested some of the best wireless mice around, and we know what to look out for when finding wireless mice for your use case. Here are the best wireless mice around.

Best wireless mouse for your Mac 

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What's the best wireless mouse for your Mac?

The best mouse for you is going to come down to a few factors. If it's comfort you're after, then something like the Logitech MX Master 3S for Mac is the way to go. It's a slick-looking comfortable mouse that's loaded with extra features and buttons. If you want something more portable then the Logitech Pebble 2 is going to do you brilliantly — just don't expect the most comfortable mouse experience.

The mouse Apple wants you to use is the Apple Magic Mouse, and there are some reasons you might want to as well. Connecting it to a Mac computer is as easy as easy can be, and then the touch gestures are built into MacOS and work much the same as those you'll be used to using if you've got a MacBook with a trackpad.

We can't call it the best mouse for Mac overall, however — it's un-ergonomic, and the charging port on the bottom remains one of Apple's weirdest design decisions. We'd still say the aforementioned Logitech Master 3S for Mac is the overall best Mac wireless mouse.

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