Angry Birds Stella now available for pig smashing action on iPhone and iPad

Rovio has just launched its latest game in its long running Angry Birds physics-themed puzzle series for the iPhone and iPad. The new title is Angry Birds Stella and yes, Stella is still plenty angry at the game's pig villains.

Apparently the pigs have stolen Stella's scrapbook and...oh, never mind. There may be something that resembles a plot in this game, but it's still mostly about shooting a bird via a slingshot to break down pig-created structures. Here's a quick description:

Track down Gale and her piggy minions and recover Stella's scrapbook! Use it to collect your achievements and unlock new variations of the characters, which you can see as stylized polaroids of Stella and her friends. Of course, with Stella, you can also get some Telepods figures to teleport straight into the game as playable characters!

While Angry Birds Stella is free to download and play, there are optional in-app purchases as well. What do you think of the latest game in the Angry Birds series?

Source: Rovio

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  • Stellaaaa!!!!
  • Are the in-app purchases completely optional? Dont really care about eagles and stuff, but dont wanna end up footing 15 euros to purchase this or that pack of extra levels. I miss the day when all you had to do was pay 3/5/10 euros for game and that was it. That constant reminder that you have to spend for this or that ruins the experience.