Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: How to get everything in Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #3

The third Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Gyroidite Event has begun. Your summer fun starts with a big bowl of jelly! With all the sparkle jelly furniture in your Campsite, no one is going to want to leave. It runs from July 19 - 30. You've only got 10 days to craft all of the sparkle jelly furniture before it's over.

Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt #2 is on now! This time you'll be hunting wedding gyroidite!

Gather the cute little wedding gyroidite nuggets that are scattered around the map. Once you have collected enough gyroidite, you can use them to craft wedding-party items!

This event is a simple one. There are no friends to visit, now flowers to grow, no need to get crafting items from visiting animals. All you have to do is gather sparkle jelly gyroidite, which are scattered around the campground, and use them to craft a very limited amount of clothing.

The key is finding as many gyroidite as you can within the 10-day event, which isn't too difficult since there are several ways you can gather gyroidite.

How fast do gyroidite appear?

Unlike the flower events or ACPC's holiday events, which make you wait a few hours before you'll get another chance to collect important items, gyroidite have a relatively fast respawn rate.

You can usually see a couple of new ones at each campground location every 10 minutes.

One new gyroidite spawns every 10 minutes. You'll get a total of 10 gyroidite around the campground at one time (the amount maxes out at 10).

This is great since the only thing you can do is collect gyroidite and use them to craft clothing items. The faster they respawn, the faster we can craft items.

The best ways to get gyroidite

There are a couple of ways that gyroidite appear in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. To make the most efficient use of your time, you should gather gyroidite any way possible.

  • Finding them around the campground - The most common way you're going to find gyroidite is by searching every location in your campground (except your Campsite), including OK Motors and the Market Place. Since new gyroidite respawn every 10 minutes, you can really get to know the campground by regularly making the rounds!
  • Shovelstrike Quarry - During the event, you'll be able to visit Shovelstrike Quarry during certain times to load up on gyroidite. The rate of gathering in the quarry isn't quite as good as during holiday events. You earn somewhere around 10 - 15 compared to 25+ during holiday events. It's still a way to collect a lot of gyroidite without having to do a lot of work.
  • Talk to animals at your Campsite - When it's time to chat with animals at your Campsite, be sure to say hello to everyone that wants to chat with you. Some of them will be ready to give you a couple of gyroidite. You can't chat with Campsite guests as often as you can gather gyroidite in the wild, but every bit helps!

PRO TIP: The location you are in when you launch the game will spawn the most gyroidite. End your gameplay in either OK Motors or the Market Place, so when you launch the game again, you'll have an easier time finding gyrodite.

Don't forget to complete Event Challenges to earn Leaf Tickets

In the third gyroidite scavenger hunt, there are two clothing items that you can only get by purchasing them with Leaf Tickets. They cost a total of 180 Leaf Tickets for both items. There are seven Event challenges that reward Leaf Tickets, which will help ease the burden of spending. The total amount of Leaf Tickets rewarded only comes to 50, but that's still better than nothing at all.

  • Collect 1 sparkle jelly gyroidite - 5 Leaf Tickets
  • Collect 5 sparkle jelly gyroidite - 5 Leaf Tickets
  • Collect 15 sparkle jelly gyroidite - 5 Leaf Tickets
  • Collect 30 sparkle jelly gyroidite - 5 Leaf Tickets
  • Collect 50 sparkle jelly gyroidite - 5 Leaf Tickets
  • Collect 100 sparkle jelly gyroidite - 10 Leaf Tickets
  • Collect 150 sparkle jelly gyroidite - 15 Leaf Tickets


Do you have any questions about how the Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt works and the fastest way to complete the event? Put your questions in the comments section and I'll help you out.

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