Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (ACPC) released globally on November 21, 2017 (one day before the announced date). In the short time it has been available, it has become a cultural trend, though not the literal phenomenon that Pokémon GO was. Just as you might expect, ACPC will be updated regularly with new characters, new items to craft, and new, limited-time events. Here's the latest news being talked about around the water cooler.

November 27, 2017: ACPC datamined: New characters, Christmas event!

Dedicated ACPC fans have already started data-mining the upcoming 1.0.2 update and discovered lots of new content we can expect in the near future. First off, there are 11 new characters, 91 new crafting items, and 45 new clothing items that will hopefully appear in the next update. Hurrah!

New characters

New characters in ACPC 1.0.2

Additionally, there are new furniture items, new themes, and new categories for the in-game catalog, which all point to an upcoming holiday event.

New theme

Themes are styles that can relate to clothing items, like Hip or Elegant, or can relate to a new campsite style, like Sporty, Cool, Natural, and Cute.

  • Rustic

The data-mine uncovered a Rustic Tent and it's max level upgrade design, a hot-air balloon, and a canvas hammock.

New furniture

New furniture in ACPC 1.0.2

One of the biggest bits of information gleaned from data-mining the 1.0.2 update is that there is very likely to be a holiday event.

  • Holiday 2017
  • New Year's 2018
  • Event Challenge
  • Host the Most
  • Friend Frenzy
  • Event Challenge

Additionally, Twitter has been. buzzing with rumors of a holiday event on the horizon.

New clothes

New clothes in ACPC 1.0.2

New clothing and craft materials are also on the way, including Santa suits, Christmas decorations, and candy canes. That's not all. There are 91 new furniture items and 45 new clothing items heading to an update soon.

New Catalog categories

If that's not enough, new categories for the in-game catalog have been uncovered, which also point to lots of holiday treasures to craft and add to our campsites.

  • Tourism
  • Medical
  • Alpine Series
  • Office
  • Sloppy Series
  • New Year's 2018
  • Holiday 2017

What new features, items, and events are you looking forward to in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp?

Are you hoping for a specific character, a different game style, more locations? Tell us your ACPC hopes and dreams in the comments.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp