Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: How to get the three new campers from Gulliver's Cargo Ship (and a few more tricks)

Gulliver's Cargo Ship brings special snacks that you can give to your campers to increase their friendship points. The feature can leave you feeling confused and frustrated if you don't know the trick. Thanks to some detailed datamining and statistics research from a few dedicated players, you've got a better chance of getting what you want with the right trade, even the three new visitors that Gulliver brings back from his travels.

How trading works with Gulliver's Cargo Ship

You may have noticed when trading with Gulliver that some items are tagged as "great," "good," or not tagged at all. They're rated by how much Gulliver could get in trade for them. There's a bit more to it, though.

Gulliver will give you yummy treats for every 15 "points" of items traded. If you ship off less than 15 points worth of furniture and clothing, you'll just get a generic tin treat.

Points are given as follows:

  • 5-star fortune cookie furniture - 40 points
  • 5-star fortune cookie clothing - 40 points
  • 4-star fortune cookie furniture - 30 points
  • 4-star fortune cookie clothing - 30 points
  • 3-star fortune cookie furniture - 20 points*
  • 3-star fortune cookie clothing - 20 points*
  • 3-star furniture (great) - 10 points
  • 3-star clothing (great) - 10 points
  • 2-star furniture (good) - 5 points
  • 2-star clothing (good) - 3 points
  • 2-star furniture (good) - 3 points
  • 2-star furniture (good) - 2 points
  • 1-star furniture (good) - 2 points
  • 1-star clothing (good) - 1 points
  • 1-star furniture (blank) - 0 points
  • 1-star clothing (blank) - 0 points

Based on the above list, you could trade three "great" furniture pieces for a total of 15 points, plus seven "blank" furniture pieces and receive one snack.

If you trade just two 5-star items that you've received from a fortune cookie along with eight "blank" items, you'll get five snacks in trade (plus a chance to receive a bonus snack).

*There are some 3-star fortune cookie items that are only worth 10 points. Find out more here.

Make sense? Now check out some more details for a better chance to get specifically what you want in trade.

How to get the three new animal campers from a trade with Gulliver

If you didn't know already, Gulliver will bring three new friends back from a trade outing. You have about a 30% chance of Gulliver returning with a new animal every time he ships out.

If the only thing you want from Gulliver is the new friends(if you're not interested in the snacks), your best option is to send off "blank" point furniture. These don't take long to craft and don't use up too many materials.

Reddit user Simpeedoh came up with a very easy-to-follow formula. To work toward getting those new friends into your campground, craft and trade the following items in any order. Remember, you'll need 10 to ship each time.

  • Cute Rug - 2 minutes - 6 cotton
  • Giant Dharma - 1 minute - 6 wood
  • Minimalist lamp - 1 minute - 6 steel

Craft 10 of any of these items and trade them to Gulliver. The direction you choose doesn't matter.

How to get specific themed snacks from a trade with Gulliver

Getting the right snack is about more than just points. It's also about the items you trade and the directions you choose. Though Gulliver's trades are based on a percentage of chance, there are ways to increase your chance of getting a specifically themed candy.

If you trade a couple of bamboo benches, for example, along with enough items to total at least 15 points, and send Gulliver to the east, there is a chance he'll return with a snack that's Harmonious themed.

The direction chosen is very important and is a follows:

  • North - Natural, Hip
  • South - Elegant, Historical, Cool
  • East - Harmonious, Modern, Cute
  • West - Sporty, Rustic

You'll also want to make sure that many of the items you trade to Gulliver are tied to the theme you want.

Lastly, you'll want to ensure that you are trading the maximum points possible to get back the most snacks in return. To reach 15 points, you should trade at least three 3-star (good) furniture items, which yield the most points for the least amount of time and materials.

Remember the following:

  1. You must trade at least 15 points worth of furniture or clothing.
  2. Make sure to trade at least four or five items in the theme you want.
  3. Make sure to choose the direction that your theme is in.

Got that? There's one easy way to get a lot of points for your trades, and that's with fortune cookies.

How to get a lot of snacks from a trade with Gulliver

Shortly after Nintendo added Gulliver's Cargo Ship to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, it added Tommy's Fortune Cookie Shop. It's not going to be long before our inventory box is overflowing with duplicate items we've received from eating those daily fortune cookies.

If you've got duplicates, they're worth a ... fortune (pardon the pun) to Gulliver in trade. As you can see from the point list, 5-star fortune cookie clothing and furniture are worth 40 points each. Even the lowest star items, 3-star fortune cookie clothing or furniture, are worth 20 points each. It's not a bad trade if you've got extra items from fortune cookies.

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about how to get the three new animal friends from Gulliver or how to get themed snacks from a trade? Put them in the comments and I'll help you out.

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