Anker Powercore Wireless 10kSource: Anker

What you need to know

  • Anker has announced the new PowerCore Wireless 10K charger.
  • It's a 10,000mAh battery pack with a wireless charger on top.
  • There are two USB-A ports to charge things from as well.

Anker has announced its latest battery pack in the form of the PowerCore Wireless 10K. And as you've probably already figured out from the name it's no ordinary battery pack. This one charges without any wires like some sort of voodoo-powered slab of electronics.

Ok, maybe not. But it's still pretty cool. The top of the 10,000mAh battery pack sports a wireless charging pad that can deliver up to 5w of power to a phone, AirPods, or whatever you want. It's not the fastest wireless charging we've seen, but it's attached to a battery pack so there's that.

Anker Powercore Wireless ChargingSource: Anker

The two built-in USB-A ports are good for 12w of power apiece if wireless isn't your bag, with the battery pack itself charging using the always popular USB-C. You'll get a USB-A to USB-C cable in the box for just that reason, too.

One neat party trick is the ability to use the wireless charging component while the battery pack is also plugged into power. That means it can act as a standard wireless charger, although admittedly it won't charge as quickly as most standard wireless chargers on the market. But it is another string to the bow.

Another string is the price – $35.99 when you order from Amazon.

Charge the things!

Anker PowerCore Wireless

Anker PowerCore Wireless 10K

Charge wirelessly and on the go. Or use a cable, it's up to you!

Really, what are you waiting for?

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