Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, oh how I love thee. Now I can really love thee with Twitterrific for the iPhone! If you are a fan of the very popular microblogging service Twitter, you are in for a rare treat with Twitterrific for iPhone from The Icon Factory! This application comes in two flavors: a free version with a very unobtrusive banner at the top or a paid version for $10 with no banner advertising and an extra theme.

The Basics 

You have to create a Twitter account before using Twitterrific. Once you have an account, you login with your Twitter username and password. After that, it's off to the races!

You have a list of "tweets" from people you follow listed on the main screen. You can scroll though this list with a flick of your finger. The bottom of the screen has four simple icons:


  • Refresh
  • Post
  • Info
  • Settings

Refresh simply refreshes the screen to see any new tweets. The post icon opens up a box with the standard keyboard for you to enter a tweet with 140 characters or less. The screen has a counter to let you know how many you have left. Twitter also gives you the ability to "direct message" one of your friends on Twitter. To do this in Twitterific, simply tap the post icon in the box again and the post will change to a direct message post. Tap the icon one more time and you get a reply post (it changes to reflect the last post you have selected for a reply. Want to reply to someone else, select another post).

Pictures, Locations and Browsing, Oh-My!

When you are creating a post, Twitterific also gives you some additional options. For example, you can tell Twitterrific your location and it will update the Location field in your Twitter profile with where you are right now. The will use the GPS functionality in the iPhone 3G or My Location with the iPhone 2G.

You can also take a picture and attach it to your Twitter post. How? With TwitPic of course! TwitPic is a free service that lets you post pictures via Twitter. It works on the same premise as TinyURL. The "tiny URL" is added to your post. You can then view the picture buy clicking on the link in the Twitter post.

But wait, what if you are on your iPhone and you tap on a link? The thought in your mind right now is that the link will open in Safari, right? OH NO! Instead, Twitterific has built in a mini-browser using WebKit you so never leave the application! You can zoom and everything just like mobile Safari. Truly awesome.


The settings in Twitterrific are the basics. You can turn sounds on/off use screen names, show hints and even enable left-handed controls. What I think is another truly innovative feature is that Icon Factory have added a JavaScript bookmark for you to post links directly from Safari to Twitterrific! That is really going the extra mile for a 1.0 product. The only downside to this is that it requires some manual editing once installed, but hey, anything for Twitter…


I can't say enough about this app. If you use Twitter, this is an absolute no-brainer. Icon Factory has some followers from their popular desktop version of Twitterific and I am sure they will be picking up more fans with the iPhone/iPod Touch iterations. The simplicity of the layout, options and ingenuity with pictures and locations really makes me want to shout from the rooftops use this application. What? You have not downloaded it already?

Ratings (out of 5)


  • Look and Feel: 5
  • Navigation: 5
  • Features: 5
  • Reliability: 4
  • Overall: 4.75


  • Easy to use
  • Every Twitter feature you could want!
  • Looks good
  • Intuitive
  • Mini browser saves time


  • Performance can be a little sluggish. I am sure this will improve with time.
  • Crashed once while using it. Again, will be addressed in a future release.