App Store Start Your Approval Process: Here Comes Sling Player!

TiPb scored the above eyes-on way back at Macworld 2009, and now TUAW brings word that SlingMedia's Player for the iPhone has finally been submitted to the App Store. Of course, no one but the magic 8-ball knows how long it will take for -- or even if -- Apple to approve it, but this is SlingPlayer, folks, so we're taking even the tiny little steps as they come.

Any super-keeners revving up their SlingBox's in anticipation? Or do you doubt Apple (or the carriers?) will actually let it into the App Store and onto the iPhone?

Rene Ritchie

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  • I know what I'm buying today. So long EyeTV. :)
  • I bet it gets rejected, Apple wants you to pay them for TV shows. Not record them at home and stream them to your iPhone. And it could stream "potentially offensive material", someone has to think of the children.
  • If it's approved, I'll wait until there are at least 100 reviews to decide. I have little faith in TV apps of any kind right now.
  • I LOVE Sling. I have connected to Slingbox (from my laptop) in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, London. Nice not having to watch the one English speaking TV while in Bangkok. I have all my channels PLUS Tivo anywhere there is WiFi. Hopefully the iPhone version will be allowed on 3G also.
  • Sling Player in one new facility for that Iphone.
    I dont know how mouch will go up with the price because i doubt that is so cheap.
    Lets see in near future
  • It will be a approved for a limited time. Just like Netshare (which I might add still works well for me).
    Just my $0.02
  • I'm pretty sure it will be approved. The release of slingplayer on iPhone has already had plenty of press. I've had a slingbox since they were first releases and love it. I used the player on my WinMo phones and it worked great. I'm pretty sure sling made an awesome app fir iPhone can't wait!
  • I really hope Apple and more specifically AT&T are not nazi bastards and allow this app. I mean you can get sling on a PPC HTC phone on AT&T so its only hurting Apple not to approve it right now. This is the one killer app I have been waiting for ever since switching from my PPC to an Iphone. If this doesn't get approved I hope Sling starts work on a Android version and then its so long AT&T!
  • WooHoo!!! cant wait for this to show up in the app store. I have used the slingplayer from my laptop with a verizon wireless card and from a WinMo phone and was a beta tester for sling, it is the best. love getting MY tv wherever im at.
    hopefully it does get approved at least for a little while, i still have G-Maps, got it before it got pulled from the app store and it still works great.
  • @ kanos
    Yes, approving it would be awful.. such nazi's...
  • I have used my slingbox while in japan on my laptop then came sling for the palm treo and that was the ultimate. I really was hesitent to get the iPhone bcuz of no sling but I knew the iPhone given a matter of time would finally get it. If they reject it then I might have to consider getting a different phone since it is a huge plus in my mobile life and iPhone would really be slipping in the vote for best phone out there
  • I would hope that a company as large as Slingmedia would have been working with Apple to insure whatever version they've submitted to the App. Store gets approved on the first try.
    I mean it's not as if they're some smaller developer, working on a application behind the scenes, hoping, but not knowing if it'll be approved or not (ala XM Player.)
    I have to believe they've shown their progress to Apple and have made sure Apple is okay with everything and now the approval process is nothing more than a formality.
    If this isn't the case I'll have lost a lot of respect for Sling Media as a company.
  • I've been waiting for this app forever and thought it'd never come! It better get approved...
  • my money says it gets rejected until it becomes a "wifi-only" app
  • Orb is available. And it works quite nicely, I might add.
  • No live TV on Orb for Mac.
  • Guess it is good I also have a PC.
  • I really like orb, I just need to figure out how to ir blast the channel since now I have to have a cable box hooked up to my tv tuner
  • I have been waiting on this app every since I switch from my tilt. I am hoping it's available soon, I have been saving my Christmas iTunes cards specifically to buy this app!!!!!
  • Has anyone heard anything about this app, what the status is at Apple. I am being very impatient about this being released or I hope being released.
  • This will go down as one of the best app's for the Iphone -- there's nothing like turning on jeopardy when you have a late meeting. Slingplayer is BY FAR the best TV app around
  • I used to use Sling mobile on my Nokia N95 and it was awesome. I lost a lot of sleep thinking about whether to change to the iPhone and the lack of this app was one of the reasons for that. I took the plunge just before xmas and have been praying for this app ever since. If Apple don't approve it for 3G as well, i'm going back to Nokia at the end of my contract
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