Apple uses AdLib JaveScript framework to make richer web apps for iPad has discovered something interesting in the online iPad user-guide: a new JavaScript framework they've dubbed AdLib (after its filename) that allows for very native app look and feel in the decidedly web-based app.

AppleInsider notes that it appears to be related to the PastryKit framework used for the iPhone user-guide (which stands to reason), and the TuneKit framework used for iTunes LP and iTunes Extra. And that the name may tie-in to the iAd rumors, and to internal efforts on Apple's part to raise the bar of web apps and diminish the need for plugins like Flash and Java.

Could we find out more at Apple's iPhone 4.0 event tomorrow? We certainly hope so. As much as some decry the closed nature of the App Store, developing for Safari is wide open and a new class of better, faster, stronger web apps is ultimately good for everyone.

Video after the break!

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Rene Ritchie

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  • First... And an idiot
  • Safari may be open, but the App Store is closing futher all the time. God, er, sorry, Apple forbid you work to develop your own pinch to zoom...
  • with more and more API's being released how is it closing further?
  • It still is not a replacement for swfs. While it might make a web app work better, you still have to build two apps or two ad systems or two whatevers (one for Apple and your better experience; whether HTML or Flash).
    Try as they might...I hope people vote with their feet and break Apple. ;-) #verywishfulthinking
  • Oh and break meant their stubbornness towards Flash, not their bank account(s).
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