Apple Store in AmsterdamSource: 9to5Mac

What you need to know

  • Apple Amsterdam has reopened following refurbishment work.
  • The store is Apple's flagship Dutch store.
  • The upgrade work began back in March 2019.

After more than six months of work, Apple Amsterdam has reopened. And it's a gorgeous store to look at. Apple has been able to take all of its most recent Apple Store designs and put them into one modern, yet classic, store.

Alongside indoor trees and a huge video wall for use with Today at Apple sessions, the new store includes a Forum, Boardroom, Avenues, and more. Apple was also able to take its decidedly modern idea of what an Apple Store should look like and marry it to the classic architecture of the previous store and its surroundings.

9to5Mac was able to get hold of some gorgeous photos of the new store during its opening event.

Amsterdam Apple StoreSource: 9to5Mac

You can find a ton more photos over at 9to5Mac. Apple Amsterdam is a great store to look at. If you're nearby, hit us up in the comments. We'd love to hear if it's a great store to visit, too.

Apple continues to refit some of its older stores. Those which still have older Apple Store design language are either being relocated to larger stores or being refurbished in-place. No matter which route Apple goes down, the result tends to be hugely impressive to look at. Even if they aren't always the easiest stores in which to buy something!