Apple and Goldman Sachs allowing Apple Card holders to defer April payments too

Apple Card
Apple Card (Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

What you need to know

  • Apple and Goldman Sachs are letting Apple Card holders defer April payments.
  • You need to opt-in by sending a message to an Apple Card support representative.
  • Even if you enrolled in March, you need to sign up again.
  • Deferring is postponing the payment without incurring interest charges.

If you're an Apple Card holder and need some assistance with your April payment because of the COVID-19 situation, then you're in luck. Just as Apple and Goldman Sachs did in the month of March, you'll be able to opt-in to the Apple Card Customer Assistance Program for April.

The goal of the Customer Assistance Program is to offer financial help to those who have been affected by economic disruption from COVID-19. In order to opt-in for assistance, you will need to send a message to an Apple Card support representative. This is done through the Wallet app (tap on your Apple Card, then select the "..." button, and then tap Message).

Apple sent out the following email to Apple Card customers:

"We understand that the Covid-19 situation poses unique challenges for everyone and some customers may have difficulty making their monthly payments. If you previously enrolled in the Customer Assistance Program in March, you will need to enroll again."

So even if you signed up for financial assistance last month, you will need to do the same thing again for this month. It's important to note that deferring your April payment means you are simply postponing it to a later date with no interest charges — you are not skipping the payment entirely.

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