Skate City Tokyo PromoSource: Snowman

What you need to know

  • The popular Skate City is getting a special level to celebrate the Olympics.
  • The new level will be available on July 23.

Apple Arcade hit Skate City is getting a new update that will add a special Tokyo level as developer Snowman looks to celebrate the Olympics.

Set to go live on the same day as the Olympics themselves — July 23 — the update will bring with it more than 60 new challenges for gamers to enjoy, all while they skate their way around some of Tokyo's most famous skate spots.

Skateboarding is reaching a new cultural milestone this summer when it'll be included as an official sport for the first time in this year's Olympic games in Tokyo, Japan. To celebrate the moment, Skate City will be releasing its biggest and best city to date, recreating the vibrant city streets of Tokyo itself in the game's iconic style. Players will be able to skate through a diverse range of neighbourhoods and famous skate spots to experience Tokyo's unique identity. Tokyo will come complete with over 60 challenges in Free Skate and Challenge mode for players to try and complete, along with new deck designs, updated clothes to pick up in the skate shop and new original songs that expand on the popular soundtrack.

The update might not be live yet, but you can still download the current version from Skate City from the App Store now. Skate City can be played on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

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