Apple asks Court of Appeal to stop Epic Games injunction

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What you need to know

  • Apple has asked the Court of Appeal to stop the Epic Games injunction.
  • It says the company has been ordered to change its business model in a way that will harm customers, developers, and Apple.
  • It wants the measures halted until the appeals are heard.

As expected, Apple has asked the Court of Appeal in the Apple vs Epic Games trial to stay the injunction passed down against the company until the appeals in the trial have run their course.

In a filing Tuesday noted by Bloomberg Law lawyers for Apple stated:

Apple Inc. has been ordered to change its business model in a way that will harm customers, developers, and Apple itself. The injunction should be administratively stayed before it becomes effective on December 9, and remain stayed until the appeals are resolved.

Apple says that the court's order, which will force Apple to let developers link to external payment methods, will undermine its in-app-purchase requirements, which the court said were just fine:

The court explained that the IAP requirement serves several procompetitive purposes, but failed to recognize that Apple's anti-steering provisions, which help enforce the IAP requirement, serve the same purposes. There is no evidence that these provisions have anticompetitive effects in any relevant market, or that plaintiff Epic Games, Inc. has been harmed by them, The court's rulings under California law, and the accompanying nationwide injunction, will not survive appellate review

Apple says that without a stay the integrity of the entire iOS ecosystem will be undermined, becoming less secure and less private. It also says users will be exposed to new scams and lose benefits that protect them and differentiate Apple from its competitors. It also says developers will suffer "from reduced user confidence and spending."

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