iPad mini 6 rumors fuelled by new Apple survey

Ipad Mini 6 Power Button Render
Ipad Mini 6 Power Button Render (Image credit: Jon Prosser / FrontPageTech)

What you need to know

  • Apple is reportedly planning a massive iPad mini design overhaul this year.
  • The company has now started asking users what they think of the current model's screen size.
  • It also asked about how they prefer to use apps.

Apple has prompted more speculation about the prospect of a new iPad mini 6 redesign with a new survey asking users what they think of their current device's screen size.

As reported by ITHome:

According to feedback from netizens, Apple recently sent a questionnaire to investigate whether it is satisfied with the size of the iPad mini 4 and asked whether it was satisfied with the iPadOS. - Translated

The report says that users have been asked about how they feel about the iPad mini's screen size ranging from too big, a little too big, the right size, a little too small, or just too small.

The survey also asked users what other electronic devices they used such as Windows laptops and computers, and tablets from other vendors like Amazon, Samsung, and more, as well as smartwatches like the Apple Watch.

Apple also asked users about the types of accessories they use with their iPad mini, and whether they prefer to use apps in landscape or portrait mode.

Apple surveys its customers all the time, and these questions don't necessarily mean we are or aren't getting a bigger screen. However, we do know that Apple surveyed its customers about the iPhone charger that came in the box long before it dropped the charger from iPhone 12. The survey would not have any impact on any device coming this year, as plans will have already been finalized.

Rumors abound that Apple is planning a very big overhaul of its iPad mini later this year that could include a new A15 processor and a design overhaul to match the iPad Air and M1 iPad Pro (2021), currently the best iPad models Apple has to offer.

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