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What you need to know

  • CompareMyMobile has conducted a survey.
  • They tested online dating using photos with different bits of tech.
  • Having Apple-branded products in photos increased matches by up to 76%.

A new survey from CompareMyMobile has concluded that having Apple-branded gear in your dating photos could seriously improve your hopes of matching.

According to 9to5Mac:

Comparemymobile.com created identical dating profiles on a range of apps, in multiple cities across the world, where the only difference was the tech (and logos) on display. Altogether, it analyzed the results of more than 50,000 swipes.

It found that a visible iPhone, Apple Watch, or AirPods all had a positive impact. In contrast, a Google, Sony, or Huawei phone all had a negative impact on the number of matches.

Specifically, displaying an iPhone in photos increased matches by 76%, Apple Watch by 61%, and AirPods by 41%.

The only other positive brand was Samsung, which created a 19% increase in matches. Google, Huawei, OnePlus, and BlackBerry all had a negative effect:

  • Google: -10%
  • Sony: -14%
  • Huawei: -23%
  • OnePlus: -30%
  • BlackBerry: -74%

The report also concluded that in different cities, different pieces of tech were more important. For example, New York love-seekers preferred AirPods, whereas users in London, LA, and Vancouver preferred the iPhone 11.

Rob Ballie from CompareMyMobile stated:

In the competitive, and often bizarre world of online dating, our research found that even the seemingly smallest things can make a big impact, especially in larger cities.

Our study found that younger singletons aged 35 and under were more likely to be influenced by the phone you have than the car you drive, with Apple products giving those looking for love a clear advantage over the rest, perhaps due to the higher cost or 'cool factor' associated with the brand.