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What you need to know

  • Apple has broken ground on its new campus in Austin, Texas.
  • Construction has begun on the new campus, which will house 5,000 employees, with the capacity to grow up to 15,000.
  • It will cost $1 billion and covered 3 million square feet.

Apple has announced the beginning of construction at its new campus in Austin, Texas.

As per its press release Apple said:

Austin, Texas — Apple today announced the start of construction on its new campus in Austin, Texas, as part of its broad expansion in the city. At a production facility just a short distance away, Apple is preparing to ship the all-new Mac Pro to customers starting in December.

The new campus will cost $1 billion, and will reportedly house 5,000 employees when it opens in 2022. There will also be room to grow that up to 15,000. Apple already employs 7,000 employees in the city. Apple has partnered with Austin based Bartlett Tree Experts to preserve and increase the diversity of trees on the property and plans to plant thousands on the campus.

Additionally, the site will be designed to maximize green space, with landscaping covering over 60 percent of the campus, including a 50-acre nature and wildlife preserve that will be open to the public. Like all Apple facilities, the new Austin campus will run on 100 percent renewable energy, including from solar power generated on site.

The news follows reports that President Donald Trump is due to tour Apple Texas manufacturing facilities today, November 20.

Apple is very proud of its U.S. manufacturing base for the all-new Mac Pro. It claims it has invested over $200 million in the facility where it's made in Austin. It also says that each Mac Pro travels 1,000 ft along its production line and that some components require precision placement "within the width of a human hair." Apple's Mac Pro is due to be released in December of this year.

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