Apple bringing back the rainbow iMacs would signal the return of the whimsy

Jon Prosser Imac 2021colors
Jon Prosser Imac 2021colors (Image credit: Jon Prosser / Front Page Tech)

Apple is going to start selling iMacs in multiple colors again. That's what Jon Prosser reckons anyway, with a recent report that Apple will add five new colors to its 2021 iMac. Boy, do I hope Prosser's on the money with this one.

Will I buy an iMac in Rose Gold? No, I won't. Green? Nope. If I was to buy a new iMac it'd be Space Gray at best, but likely the same Silver color Apple's been making iMacs for years. But whether I buy an iMac in a funky color or not, the return of five different colors for one computer would mark a return of something Apple's been sorely lacking in recent years.


Apple offering the iPad Air in multiple colors was another example of this and long may it continue.

Ipad Air 2020 Hero

Ipad Air 2020 Hero (Image credit: Apple)

For years now Apple has been all about making machines in one, maybe two colors. We had three MacBook Air colors at one point, but if you wanted a desktop Mac it was one color all day long. We were just lucky that the colors they made were nice to look at. But what I'm more interested in is where Apple could go from here. Not in the world of colors and not because I want an iMac that looks like a Skittle.

I'm hoping that Apple will start to add other things that make no functional difference but are just cool. Like the light-up Apple logos that were removed from portable Macs years ago. I want that back, please. Because it was awesome.

While we're at it, I want the Pro iPhones in more colors. More colorful colors, for that matter. I want to be able to get a bright red iPhone 13 Pro Max because how awesome would that be?

Why stop there? AirPods Pro in multiple colors would be a great move.

Then I want Tim Cook's autograph on the inside of those Rose Gold iMacs because why not? It was good enough for the Macintosh SE, after all.

Oliver Haslam

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