Apple bringing 'Everyone Can Code' to schools for blind and deaf students with new partnerships

To mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Apple has announced that it is partnering with schools in several states in the U.S. to bring its Everyone Can Code curricula, a set of courses designed around teaching Swift, to schools that support blind and deaf students, as well as those with other assistive needs. These partnerships follow the successful deployment of Everyone Can Code at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

From Apple:

Apple is teaming up with leading educators for blind and deaf communities across the US to bring accessible coding to their schools. Beginning this fall, schools supporting students with vision, hearing or other assistive needs will start teaching the Everyone Can Code curricula for Swift, Apple's powerful and intuitive programming language.

The initial new partnerships will take place at schools in California, New York, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Texas. Schools will be able to custom tailor the Lessons for the needs of their individual students. Apple will help in this effort by providing additional resources as needed.

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Everyone Can Code, which is focused on getting students of all ages started with coding, from kindergarten to beyond college. The courses center around teaching Swift using Apple's Swift Playgrounds app for iPad.

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