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What you need to know

  • Apple has launched a new video series called "Today at Apple (at Home)".
  • The series brings Creative Pros from local Apple Stores right into your home to learn.
  • Lessons currently include drawing on iPad and photography on the iPhone.

Since Apple closed its retail locations back in March, one thing that all communities around the world have certainly missed is their local "Today at Apple" sessions. The classes brought people together to learn all sorts of things, from learning to code, illustrating with iPad, and mobile photography with the iPhone.

In a new effort to continue to inspire the world's creatives, Apple is bringing "Today at Apple" into your home. A new collection of videos called "Today at Apple (at Home)" hopes to help you stay creative while you stay home and stay safe. The videos feature Creative Pros from local Apple stores around the world as they teach you how to draw with iPad or capture stunning photography with iPhone.

"Join Creative Pros from Apple Store locations all over the world for quick and fun projects they put together in their homes, so you can get creative in yours."

The first video, called "Draw playful portraits with iPad", shows you how to transform a photo into a unique portrait.

"Harriet from Apple Regent Street in London shows you how to add doodles, color, and your own handwriting to turn a quick photo into a unique portrait."

The second video, titled "Capture striking photography with iPhone", shows you how composition can make an ordinary photo extraordinary.

"Follow along with Cameron from Apple Orchard Road in Singapore to learn angles and edits that will help you capture artful photos featuring your home."

The last video, called "Shoot photos full of personality with iPhone", helps you learn the ins and outs of Portrait photography with iPhone.

"Join Adrian from Apple Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica as he shows you how to dig into the Camera app on iPhone to capture your personality in self-portraits."

You can check out all of the videos to stay inspired and creative at the Today at Apple website.

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