Apple Campus 2 features 36-foot glass panels, hollow concrete slabs and more

Apple Campus
Apple Campus (Image credit: iMore)

We have seen Apple's new campus a few times in the past, with various drone shots and photos surfacing frequently. The folks at Popsci got a private tour of the new campus, and they were able to get some additional information about the facility. From Apple's use of custom concrete slabs with a hollow center to the up to 46-foot glass panes that wrap the campus, there is a lot to see here.

From Popsci's private tour of the campus:

  • 176: Acres the new Campus will occupy
  • 1.23 million: Square footage of glass involved in the project
  • 3,000: Approximate total number of glass panes used
  • 7,000: Weight, in pounds, of the heaviest panes of vertical glass
  • 4,300: Concrete slabs needed for the floor and ceiling
  • 60,000: How many pounds the heaviest concrete slabs weigh
  • 75: Percentage of renewable energy that campus itself will produce during peak daytime hours
  • 16: Megawatts of power produced by rooftop solar panels
  • 5 billion: Total cost, in dollars, this project is reported to approximately cost (Apple declined to comment on an official figure)

The building will have seven cafes, a 120,000 square-foot theater for product announcements, fitness center and much more. Construction is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2016, with employees moving into the campus early in 2017.

Jared DiPane

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