The Apple Card can age really badly after spending two months in a wallet

Apple Card physical and virtual
Apple Card physical and virtual (Image credit: Lory Gil / iMore)

What you need to know

  • A Twitter user posted images of what his Apple Card looks like after spending two months in his wallet.
  • The Apple Card does not look pretty at all, showing damage to the mag strip and edges.
  • Even if you constantly take care of it, the Apple Card could age very ungracefully.

This week, Apple published a support page that outlined how to clean the Apple Card. This made sense for two reasons: first, it looks beautiful so you'll want to keep it clean, and second, it's a credit card meaning it is going to get dirty like all credit cards tend to do. Now we know exactly just how dirty.

Following the announcement of the support page, Twitter user Zed posted some pictures of what his Apple Card looks like after spending two months in his wallet. It's quite shocking how badly his Apple Card has aged. You can see the images down below in his tweet.

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Zed notes that the mag strip and edges of the card are the spots that have seen the most damage. He also mentions that cleaning the card doesn't rub off the discoloring.

Not exactly what you'd expect out of the Apple Card. Keep in mind that in the support page, Apple says that a wallet (made of soft materials) is one of the best ways to keep the card safe. But that didn't happen to Zed's card.

There is no reason to be alarmed, just slightly disappointed. This happens with all cards. In case you haven't noticed, wallets are icky places to live. There's tons of lint and dust. But the worst part is being inserted into a dirty, old credit card machine, time in and time out. Doesn't matter if the credit card is made of titanium, it's going to get worn out fast.

We'd hope Apple would have devised a way to prevent the aging process, but alas, even the Apple Card is going to show its age over time.

Apple Card: Everything you need to know

Danny Zepeda
  • This is exactly why my physical Apple Card will remain at home a credit card terminal virgin for life!
  • Good gravy this is getting out of hand. It's a credit card, not a status symbol! It's also not a piece of hot new tech! You should see what the other credit cards in my wallet look like. Tech journos, can we move on please?
  • I mean it's an Apple news site, they're gonna be talking about the Apple Card for a while. When it comes to the Apple Card, the app is the point to be excited about rather than the card, it can make a very large difference especially when it's related to something as important as money. In the UK there's a bank called Monzo which focuses on being a bank with a fantastic app, and it's really made a big difference to me with how I handle my money.
  • This is silly. It's a credit card. Do you care about what it can do for you or how it looks? If it's the latter, herein lies the problem.
  • If you got the card for the way it looks, maybe you deserve this?
  • "You're wallet-ing it wrong" Smh.