Apple Card customer agreement appears online ahead of launch

Apple Card: Everything you need to know!
Apple Card: Everything you need to know! (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • The Apple Card customer agreement has appeared online ahead of the card's August launch.
  • The customer agreement highlights what you need to know before applying to Apple Card.
  • Apple Card users are prohibited from using the card on a jailbroken device.

Before the Apple Card becomes available later this month, you can read the customer agreement online. The entire customer agreement has been uploaded on the Goldman Sachs website to peruse at your leisure.

The Apple Card customer agreement doesn't reveal much that wasn't already known, but it does highlight some things you'll need to know before applying.

For example, in order to be eligible, you need to have an Apple ID associated with an iCloud account along with two-factor authentication turned on. Apple Card users are also prohibited from engaging in any illegal activity, "including in connection with unlawful domestic or international gambling."

The customer agreement also says that using an Apple Card on a device that's jailbroken is prohibited.

You acknowledge that use of a modified Eligible Device in connection with your Account is expressly prohibited, constitutes a violation of this Agreement, and could result in our denying or limiting your access to or closing your Account as well as any other remedies available to us under this Agreement.

The agreement also sheds more light on the Apple Card's Daily Cash feature. One of the best parts about Daily Cash is its 3& back on goods or services purchased directly from Apple. It's worth noting, however, that there are exceptions; you won't earn 3% cash back if you purchase Apple goods and services from a third party.

You can read the Apple Card customer agreement here. For more on Apple Card, check out our comprehensive guide below.

Brandon Russell