Apple Card with coating off

What you need to know

  • Apple allows you to request a new Apple Card for free
  • Your old Apple Card will be deactivated and no longer work once you activate your new one
  • Apple has begun accepting Apple Card through its recycling program for old cards

Apple Card's security features make it a credit card that you will most likely rarely have to replace. Since the card does not have a number, expiration date, CCV code, or signature on the physical card, replacing it will only happen when there is actual physical damage to something like the chip or stripe of the card. However, if you do have to get your Apple Card replaced, what do you do with your old Apple Card? Apparently, Apple wants you to recycle it with them.

Reported by The Mac Observer, Apple's Trade In website now accepts Apple Card as a device you can now recycle.

Apple Card trade in

While you cannot receive any kind of value for your Apple Card through Apple's Trade In, it is processed the same as any other trade in. Apple will send you a trade in kit for free to send your Apple Card back to them, where it will be recycled responsibly. The Apple Card is made out of titanium, so your old Apple Card could potentially find its way into another Apple product. Apple Trade In currently does give a monetary value in the form of a credit towards a new purchase or an Apple Store gift card for devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, and watches.

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The addition of Apple Card to the Trade In program is another step in Apple's commitment to manufacture products without mining any new materials from the earth. The company is attempting to use recycling and renewable resources so that, eventually, all of its products will be made from sustainable and recycled sources. Apple details its approach on its Environment website.

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