Apple Card updates privacy policy to share more data with Goldman Sachs

Apple Card Wallet app on iOS
Apple Card Wallet app on iOS (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Apple Card has updated its privacy policy.
  • The update now allows more anonymized data sharing with Goldman Sachs.
  • It also provides more detailed transactions from Apple.

Apple and Goldman Sachs had recently received some criticism about the credit limits given and approvals granted to applicants for Apple Card, and Apple appears to be making some changes in order to address it.

According to a new report from TechCrunch, Apple Card's privacy policy has been updated to allow Apple to share more anonymized data with Goldman Sachs, its card partner.

The new information that is being shared will remain anonymous, but will apparently allow Goldman Sachs to build a new credit assignment model that will open up Apple Card approvals to more customers.

To support more approvals even further, the application process will now allow applicants to share additional personal information on an opt-in basis with Goldman Sachs. This will help those who are not approved their first time around to get another shot at approval.

The changes are also bringing more detail to transactions from Apple on Apple Card. For instance, you'll be able to see the movie you purchased rather than the non-descript "Apple Services" that have been listed in the past.

You can read all of the changes in Apple Card's privacy policy below.

You may be eligible for certain Apple Card programs provided by Goldman Sachs based on the information provided as part of your application. Apple may know whether you receive the invitation to participate and whether you accept or decline the invitation, and may share that information with Goldman Sachs to effectuate the program. Apple will not know additional details about your participation in the program.Apple may use information about your account with Apple, such as the fact that you have Apple Card, for internal research and analytics purposes, such as financial forecasting. Apple may also use information about your relationship with Apple, such as what Apple products you have purchased, how long you have had your Apple ID, and how often you transact with Apple, to improve Apple Card by helping to identify Apple metrics that may assist Goldman Sachs in improving credit decisioning. No personally identifiable information about your relationship with Apple will be shared with Goldman Sachs to identify the relevant Apple metrics. You can opt out of this use or your Apple relationship information by emailing our privacy team at with the subject line "Apple Relationship Data and Apple Card." Applicants and cardholders may be able to choose to share the identified metrics with Goldman Sachs for re-evaluation of their offer of credit or to increase their credit line. Apple may share information about your relationship with Apple with our service providers, who are obligated to handle the information consistent with this notice and Apple instructions, are required to use reasonable security measures to protect any personal information received, and must delete the personal information as soon as they have completed the services.

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