Apple Cash FamilySource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple announced a brand new Apple Watch feature yesterday called Family Setup.
  • It will let kids use Apple Watches under parental supervision without the need for an iPhone.
  • A key feature is Apple Cash Family, which will let parents send their children money for spending through Apple Pay.

Apple's new Apple Watch feature, Family Setup, will include Apple Cash Family, a new feature that lets parents send money to their children.

As noted by MacRumors, the new feature will let parents securely send money to their kids for use with Apple Pay.

The new Family Setup feature will allow family members to take advantage of Apple Watch features like calls, messages, and more even if they don't have an iPhone. From Apple:

With Family Setup, family members without iPhone can take advantage of the many features and apps on Apple Watch, from making and receiving phone and FaceTime audio calls, to sending and receiving messages and emails, and even connecting with other Apple Watch wearers over Walkie-Talkie.1 The new Memoji app on Apple Watch allows users to customize a Memoji that can be shared while messaging friends or displayed as a watch face. Parents have the ability to approve all contacts, so kids can safely use the communication features of Apple Watch.

One key part of this is Apple Cash Family, a new feature that will let parents send money securely to their kids using Apple Pay:

With the new Apple Cash Family, parents can securely send their kids money to spend on their watch using Apple Pay. Parents can choose to receive notifications when their kids pay, and view their child's purchases right in Wallet on their own iPhone.

Other Family Setup benefits include activity tracking and location sharing.