Macbook Running Apple KeynoteSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple has published a long Newsroom post celebrating students, teachers, and families who worked through a pandemic.
  • The post explains how Apple technology made it possible.

Apple today published a lengthy Newsroom post that looks at how its technology was able to help students, educators, and families overcome the difficulties of learning and working remotely during a pandemic.

The last year or so has been chaotic for all of us, but Apple's iPads and Macs have helped the word of education keep rotating in a way few would have thought possible.

Over the last year, as bedrooms and kitchens became classrooms, teachers and students around the world adjusted their lives to remote learning. Educators met that challenge head-on, using Apple technology to help their students learn, connect, and thrive in new ways. From launching an online high school musical, to exploring history with iMovie and GarageBand, to producing a virtual graduation ceremony, educators in the US and beyond created innovative ways of teaching that will be carried forward for future generations of learners.

Apple describes how New Rochelle High School in New Rochelle, New York debuted its musical Is There Life After High School? via a live stream, for example. The post then goes on to explain that some schools intend to take some of the tools and learnings from the pandemic and continue to use them in the future, even as things return to normal.

I'd recommend checking the full Newsroom post out if you're at all interested in how Apple's suite of apps, services, and hardware have been able to make life easier at a time where it was anything but.

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