Apple could return rainbow logo for custom products

What you need to know

  • A new report suggests Apple could bring back the retro colorful Apple logo.
  • The report cites a source within Apple.
  • The new logo could be added to the Mac or iPhones later this year.

Apple could be prepping to add a new wrinkle to its products. A new report from MacRumors suggests the iPhone could add the classic rainbow Apple logo to a few special edition products to make them stand out.

According to the report, someone within Apple revealed the news:

Apple may be planning to reintroduce its classic rainbow logo on some of its new products as early as this year, according to a well-connected MacRumors tipster, who in turn cites a corporate Apple employee in Cupertino.We don't know which products might be involved, but the Mac would be a good candidate, as the multicolored Apple logo was used on the original Macintosh in 1984 and on many other Apple computers before and after it. iPhones and iPads could also be suitable— perhaps special editions along the lines of (PRODUCT)RED.

It's about that time when rumors are starting to pop up about the next round of iPhone. We have little idea of what Apple could do, but it seems going back to its past may be a good way to adds some luster fo the Mac or iPhone.

Adding fuel to the fire has been Apple itself, putting a renewed focus on the classic six-color array. It recently decked out a stage, stairs and walkway in the pattern, lending credence to the new report.

We won't believe this until we see it, but if Apple did implement to retro logo into one of its devices, it certainly would look stunning.

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Danny Zepeda