12 Apps of Xmas

Apple has hit pause on their "100,000 apps for just about anything" ads, turned the other cheek on "can your network...?" counter-commercials, and debuted a new, merrier bit of marketing for the holiday season -- 12 Apps for Xmas. Care to sing along?

On the twelfth day of Christmas my iPhone gave to me:

  • 12 cookies cooking
  • 11 cards a sending
  • 10 gifts for giving
  • 9 songs for singing
  • 8 bells for ringing
  • 7 slopes for skiing
  • 6 games for playing
  • 5 gold rings
  • 4 hot lattes
  • 3 flights home
  • 2 feet of snow
  • And an app that can light up the tree

Check it out on Apple.com. However, unlike previous commercials, other than Betty Crocker right at the top, individual app icons and titles aren't shown but Apple's "as shown on TV" page on iTunes should collect them up for us...

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