Apple debuts Family Man, Dog Lover, Backpacker TV commercials

Apple is keeping up the transition from "app for that" to showing how the iPhone makes its users lives better with three new TV commercials -- Family Man, Dog Lover, and Backpacker

  • Family man showcases the built-in Photo app with a video of a child's birthday, the App Store and purchasing Jamie Oliver's 20 minute meals [$7.99 - iTunes link] for cooking, and Elmo's Monster Maker [$3.99 - iTunes link] for the kids on a car trip, and Viper SmartStart [free - iTunes link] for opening the car trunk.
  • Dog lover highlight [free- iTunes link] to help find that perfect dog, Facebook [free - iTunes link] to share the picture with friends, Hey Walkies [free - iTunes link] to find a place to run, and iCam [$4.99 - iTunes link] to stream the whole thing.
  • Backpacker kicks off a trip to spain by finding a place to stay [free - iTunes link], sending back pictures with the built-in Photo and Email apps, and using the App Store to download Jibbigo speech translator English to Spanish [$24.99 - iTunes link] for automagic communication.

(Unfortunately, we don't think there's an app for the bill that would come from all that roaming data...)

Rene Ritchie

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