Apple iPhone commercials Dog Lover

Apple is keeping up the transition from "app for that" to showing how the iPhone makes its users lives better with three new TV commercials -- Family Man, Dog Lover, and Backpacker

  • Family man showcases the built-in Photo app with a video of a child's birthday, the App Store and purchasing Jamie Oliver's 20 minute meals [$7.99 - iTunes link] for cooking, and Elmo's Monster Maker [$3.99 - iTunes link] for the kids on a car trip, and Viper SmartStart [free - iTunes link] for opening the car trunk.

  • Dog lover highlight [free- iTunes link] to help find that perfect dog, Facebook [free - iTunes link] to share the picture with friends, Hey Walkies [free - iTunes link] to find a place to run, and iCam [$4.99 - iTunes link] to stream the whole thing.

  • Backpacker kicks off a trip to spain by finding a place to stay [free - iTunes link], sending back pictures with the built-in Photo and Email apps, and using the App Store to download Jibbigo speech translator English to Spanish [$24.99 - iTunes link] for automagic communication.

(Unfortunately, we don't think there's an app for the bill that would come from all that roaming data...)

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