Apple TV Siri RemoteSource: iMore

Rumors has it today that Apple is getting ready to ditch the Siri Remote for good. When, we don't really know. But it can't come soon enough.

According to a new 9to5Mac report, people inside Apple are working on something carrying the codename "B519." That obviously doesn't tell us anything about the remote itself, but I'm going to go ahead and assume it's the best damned remote that you ever did see.

Because, wow. It can't possibly get much worse.

The Siri Remote is something we've all been universally tired of since day one. Anyone who says it's fine is wrong. It's as simple as that.

Not functionally, though. The buttons all work and the Siri Remote has the buttons that do the things I generally want them to do. Volume buttons change the volume on my TV. The play/pause button plays and pauses whatever I'm watching just fine. The problem comes from the fact I can't work out which way up the remote is at any given time. And that means I can't tell which buttons are which without checking. Thrice.

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The Siri Remote is the USB-A of the TV world. Why does it take three attempts to work out which way to hold it so I can turn the volume down?

Apple TV Siri RemoteSource: iMore

The current Siri Remote is so poor that there are entire lines of accessories designed to make it more usable. Rubber cases that make it easier to hold and stop it from shattering. Did I mention the whole thing is glass and metal?

It's a remote control. That's glass. The thing that gets dropped most in my house is made of something that shatters.

I haven't even whinged about the fact it's so small and thin that it disappears behind cushions and beneath sofas with alarming ease. At any one time that Siri Remote could be in one of about fifteen different places and none of them are where I left it. A new Apple TV remote control can't come soon enough for me. Now I just hope that I can buy the remote and have it work with my existing Apple TV 4K.

Don't make me buy a whole new Apple TV to get a remote that doesn't make my blood boil, Apple. I beg you.