Xcode CloudSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Two Apple execs have given an interview about its new developer tools.
  • Susan Prescott and Andreas Wndker spoke to CNET about new tools and frameworks.

Two Apple execs have sat down with CNET to discuss the company's new developer tools and frameworks announced at WWDC.

From the report:

Tools that make app building more approachable continue to be a key focus for Apple, especially related to the advances in Swift Playgrounds. "Our feeling is every kid should have exposure to learning to code, not because every kid is going to become a coder but because the world around us is fueled by code," said Prescott. "We're going to help as many people as we can in as many walks of life as possible, from as many communities and cultures as possible, to learn to code."

Wendker told CNET the tools were the result of a vision Apple had been executing for years and were "the result of a never-ending focus on our side to build long-lasting platforms that create lots of value for developers and users."

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They also discussed one of the biggest new developer features from WWDC, Xcode Cloud:

"There are a lot of steps that developers have to go through when they develop apps, like testing and integrating [their code] with their coworkers, and that takes a lot of time," Wendker said. "And frankly, a bunch of these tasks are often very mundane and developers don't want to do them. So, the idea behind a continuous integration system like Xcode Cloud is that it basically offloads a lot of these tasks that can be automated into the cloud."

Wendker said Xcode Cloud would give developers a lot of their time back, giving them more time to "find bugs and issues in their code".

You can read the full interview here.