Apple expands fraud protection features to more than just Apple Card

Apple Pay
Apple Pay (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Apple is rolling out enhanced fraud protection for compatible credit and debit cards in the Wallet app.
  • The feature will use certain pieces of data to better protect you against fraud.
  • It is different than the Advanced Fraud Protection feature for Apple Card.

You no longer need to have an Apple Card in order to get better protection against fraud.

Back in September of last year, Apple launched Advanced Fraud Protection for Apple Card, the company's credit card. Today, Apple has begun to notify users in the Wallet app that, if they have a compatible credit or debit card linked to Apple Pay, they will be receiving improved fraud protection as well.

You'll know if your card is compatible as there will be a notification for the Wallet app and a message under the digital card as follows:

Cards with enhanced fraud protection now use information about your account, device, and location to share fraud assessments with your payment network.

The feature appears to use some user data in order to more accurately predict if someone has stolen your card and is attempting to use it in a suspicious location. Inaccurate flagging is a well-known issue for debit and credit card users so this feature will hopefully improve that accuracy.

The feature, while helpful, is different from the Advanced Fraud Protection feature for Apple Card. That feature automatically changes your three-digit security code, making it even harder for fraudsters to steal and use your card.

Advanced Fraud Protection is a way to keep your Apple Card information even more secure. After turning on Advanced Fraud Protection, your three-digit Apple Card security code will change periodically after it's been viewed in the Wallet app or after it's been auto-filled from Safari.You should check your security code each time you want to make a purchase with Apple Card to be sure you're using the most up-to-date code. You can also use Advanced Fraud Protection without affecting your recurring purchases and subscriptions, such as streaming services or memberships, because these merchants use your security code to authorize payment just once when you first sign up.

Enhanced fraud protection appears to have been turned on automatically for compatible cards in the Wallet app. Users don't seem to need to do anything to manage the feature, either.

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