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Apple is offering $100 credit if developers sign up for a new Apple Search Ads account.

What you need to know

  • Apple has extended Apple Search Ads to Russia.
  • The tool allows developers to advertise their apps in the App Store.
  • It is now available in 60 countries and regions.

Apple has told developers that it is expanding its Apple Search Ads service to Russia.

In a developer news announcement it stated:

Promote your apps to customers on the App Store in Russia with Apple Search Ads — an efficient and easy way for people to discover your app the very moment they're searching for apps like yours. If you sign up for a new Apple Search Ads account, you can take advantage of a 100 USD credit to reach customers in 60 countries and regions.

Apple search ads allow developers to pay to boost their iOS apps to the top of App Store searches. According to Apple, 70% of App Store visitors use the search tool to find apps, and 65% of downloads on the App Store take place following a search. Apple says that the average conversion rate of Apple Search Ads is 50%, meaning they are a great way for developers to get their apps noticed in the App Store.

It uses intelligent automation to maximize results, and developers only pay for installs at a max budget of $10,000 per app, per month. Developers can choose their own keywords and audiences, and reports let developers track metrics to learn about the success of their campaign.

Just a few weeks ago, Apple expanded its Search Ads service to 46 more countries and as noted, developers who sign up for a new Apple Search Ads account will get 100 USD credit applied to their account.

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